Sex Worker Relief Fund

If you are a sex worker who has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and reside in Metro Vancouver, we welcome your application for funds. We can provide financial relief in the form of one-time payments of $100 or $175 based on need and availability of funds. Sex workers who have already received funding from the Relief Fund may apply for a second round of funding and will be considered for $100. PACE recognizes that marginalization can increase need, so we take that into account when reviewing your application (see question 8 below). However, the primary factor we consider is need. We are able to send funds over e-transfer, by cheque, or in some cases, we can deliver cash. Please note that the e-transfer option will enable faster delivery of approved funds. All responses to this form will be held strictly confidential using an encryption key, and any personal information will be held confidentially within PACE Society as per our Privacy policies. The Fund Committee is made up of PACE-affiliated current and former sex workers who have signed confidentiality agreements. Please note that PACE Society is a small grassroots organization, so funding received through us is not the same as government relief. If you have questions about the review process, feel free to contact us at

We have also assembled a list of resources you might find helpful.

If you would like to donate to the Fund, here is a link to the donation form.

Application Questions

1. What is your name (chosen or legal)?

2. What city/neighbourhood do you live in?

3. Do you identify as a sex worker?

4. If you answered ‘yes’ to question 3, prior to COVID-19, were you doing in-person sex work or online sex work (videos, chat rooms, camming) or both?

5. Are any of these sources (from question 4) still providing you income?

6. Check the category that best describes your living situation:

7. Please check any sources of income you currently have:

8. Can you tell us more about yourself? Feel free to check all that apply, but share only what you feel comfortable with. This information will only be accessible to the Relief Fund Committee, which is made up of current and former sex workers. PACE recognizes that marginalization can increase need, so we take that into account when assessing your need for emergency funds.

I identify as:

9. Please give us an email address or phone number that can receive Interac e-transfers. If neither option works for you, please write "can’t receive."

10. If different from your chosen name listed above, what name would you like us to send an e-transfer to? (Although rare, we have experienced some issues with e-transfers when the name we send an e-transfer to does not match the name on the bank account.)

11. Please list a phone number that we can call to reach you. If you do not have your own phone number, please call Lyra McKee, our community Co-Executive Director, at 604-880-5913 within 5 days of your application, otherwise please wait for our call. Lyra’s phone hours are Monday to Thursday, 11am-6pm.

12. Are you already connected to someone on the PACE support team or a staff member at WISH that can verify your identity? If you consent to us contacting them, who?

Please remember to click the Submit button below once you are ready.

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